Monday, December 13, 2010

Tien Sun Tien Restaurant 天上天美味园 @ Taman Connaught, KL

tian shang tian

Tien Sun Tien Restaurant 天上天美味园 is my recent find for a great spread of Chinese dishes at a reasonable price. I have been frequent here lately; at least once a week for their flavourful Chinese dishes that prepared with real ‘wok hei'. Besides that, the servings are quite generous.



金瓜豆腐 Homemade Tofu in Pumpkin Sauce (RM 8)
The smooth and velvety homemade tofu and enoki mushroom were drenched with lil' sweet golden pumpkin sauce. 


黑椒鹿肉 Black peppered venison (RM 12)


酱爆花肉 (RM 15)
One of their signature dishes - Fragrant Pork Belly Slices - is a must to order. 
Very fragrant pork belly slices that best to go with the partially cooked onion. You gotta love it.


纪子芫菜 'Yuen Choi' with Wolfberries (RM 8)
is good for your eyes as wolfberries are added into this!


Refillable white rice (RM 1 per pax). 

The above dishes fed 5 of us and the total damage was only RM 48. Great deal, isn't it???

Besides the above signature dishes, do try out the others such as:-
越南苏东 Squid (sotong) in Vietnamese style
青柠蒸鱼 Sourish steam fish with lime
亚三虾球 prawn in assam style 

If you are planning to drop by during weekend, do be early as the tables will be all taken by 7pm; and you may have to wait up to 1hour for your ordered food. Do drop by during weekdays as it is less crowded and less patrons; and your ordered food will be served promptly :)

Tien Sun Tien Restaurant 天上天美味园
1, Jalan Cerdas 1,
Taman Connaught,
Tel: 016-2561336 (eric)


ahteekitchen said...

Mmm...the pumpkin tofu looks sooo tempting~ rm8 ONLY?? really worth for $$, must try la!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

The foods u post always makes me drooling... hehe...

Baby Sumo said...

Hehe I ate here before too! I like the pork belly slices... very flavoursome hor.

Jessying said...

i always passed by here but never try this! the food looks yummy and price is reasonable , thanks will be trying out your recommendation!

Ciki said...

simple chinese food is the best!rulfu

ai wei said...

yeppp, it's really value for money.
do drop by during weekdays to avoid the crazy crowds on weekends!

somewhere in singapore,
ahahahaha, thanks. i also try to avoid blogging at late night.
will also drool on the photos e

baby sumo,
wow, you were here before?
yeppp, theirs very flavoursome lorrr

must try must try! price very reasonable too! :)
drop by during weekdays to avoid the crazy crowds ya.

:) agree agree!

Simon Seow said...

Wow. Less than RM 10 per person. Such reasonable price.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Very reasonable indeed! RM48 can only buy my a glass of house wine in a 5-star hotel.

Food looks very good too. :)

ai wei said...

simon seow,
yeah lor, cheap right?

bangsar babe,
yeeeep, the food are great! and price so reasonably!

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