Monday, July 05, 2010

Pla dib @ The Heritage Village, Seri Kembangan

If it was not The Star, We would not be able to find out this hidden gem.


Pla dib, the Bangkok's top-ranked Thai fusion restaurant, has just started their business 3 months ago, situate at here Heritage Village, Seri Kembangan; facing a great view of 50-acre lake; serving the very interesting Thai fusion dishes.


Pla dib means "raw fish" in Thai.

We ran through the menu - pasta, pizza, main courses, fusion appetizers... it is more like Japanese fusion dishes or Italian cuisine. there was no sight of tom yum too.



Chris&Christine and I were here last Saturday, to savour a Fusion meal together

Fusion dishes eh?!
Let's see what we had.


Salt and Pepper Squid (RM 15)
The deep fried squid seasoned with salt and pepper.


Soft Shell Crab Salad (RM 15) with mayobi dressing.
The dressing is a mix of wasabi and mayonnaise. A lovely dressing it is but I find the amount of the dressing was not enough to wet our salad.


Black Fried Rice (RM 18) with squid ink and seafood
it was served with a raw egg.


Pour in the raw egg on the piping hot rice and mix well.
We love the combination of the egg in our spicy blacky-looking rice. And the additional of basil leaves were added to reduce the hotness from the chili padi. Love it, spicy and definitely best for the spicy food lovers.


Creamy Cappelini Angel Hair with Ebikko (RM 18)
Creamy and fragrant with light roasted garlic oil!!! and I love the crunchiness of ebikko in every forkful of the angel hair.


Free Dessert with every purchase of the main course!!!
That's what we got for below ^^
and we paid roughly RM 25 (per pax) for this meal


Tham Thim Khrob (RM 8) made with shaved coconut milk loaded with red rubies was very fresh and a thirst-quenching one.


Flamed Crispy Mango with Ice cream (RM 8)


Durian Gelato (RM 8) was something new in the menu.
Their handmade durian ice cream was strong and fragrant and rich with durian. They love it.

Verdict: The food here was great. The presentation for the food was nice too. However, the environment in the restaurant was a bit too dark for me. Well, I must say this is a great place for the couples to drop by; either enjoying the meals in the dim-lit restaurant or sitting by the lake with the cool breeze running through, you and your companion will gotta enjoy the perfect meal here.

By the way, we were told that in near future, there will be pork dishes listed in the menu.
Looking forwards it. :)

Getting ready for some Asian Fusion Explosion for your palate??? here you go :)

Pla Dib
G-13 & 14, The Heritage Village,
Jalan SB Dagang,
Seri Kembangan, Selangor
(opposite Mines Shopping Fair)
Tel: 03-89381936

Fax: 03-89455769

Business Hours:
12noon to 3pm (lunch)
6pm to 10pm (dinner)


suhaisweet said...

Nice..nice..My funny special for u..don’t forget to laugh ya Check Here

choi yen said...

that black rice really interesting but I don't like basil leave :(

Somewhere in Singapore said...

The squid is so tempting...

vialentino said...

wow...nice place

ai wei said...

Oo, why ler? they fried it into crispy liked, so no taste one wor.

somewhere in singapore,
yeeep :) slurp

a great place to dine in with your loved ones

J2Kfm said...

Ever wonder why were they named Raw Fish, but instead serving cooked, fusion cuisine?
Pla Dib, the name rolls off the tongue effortlessly though.
The thab thim krob does not look anything resembling the original, with foams of coconut milk? (or was it cream, or ice cream?).

Francis said...

the balck rice with raw eggs seems bizzare to me...

Simon Seow said...

Aiyo, why nice food is so far from me one T_T

ai wei said...

it's not cream or ice cream. it's the very original one, i guess, with coconut juice sorbet (gua) and coconut milk... a very good one.

but it is super nice lar... same goes to the squid ink spaghetti marrr

simon seow,
lol, sure got chance to drop by and try them out :)

xin said...

mayobi is really a new word for me :P

and the squid ink fried rice looks really exquisite!

Yvonne Sam said...

didn't there is a restaurant "hide" in heritage. haha.. Black Fried Rice won't taste weird? u staying @ serdang area too ?

this restaurant gonna be in my waiting list. haha

Anonymous said...

wow! u ate a lot of food there, im going to that place too soon :D haha.. nice pictures, ai wei~!

ai wei said...

yaya, the fusion word is cute, isn't it???

Unknown said...

yer i also want!!

jason said...

The fried rice so interesting lor!

ai wei said...

hiya, thanksss but the pics aren't nice. huuhuu. dark environment e. there are few others nice stuff to try out. too bad, it was just few of us, couldn't try out the others.

come come, we go again. nice environment e :)

must try it :)

Ninehitz said...

Hi.. this restaurant located at such a nice place.. the black fried rice is unique..
Thai fusion restaurant, without tomyam.. sad casE!!!

BB_hwiyee said...

a very nice place,next time have to take a free to go^^

Rebecca Saw said...

got invite for a review session but i didnt go.
Read some reviews abt it but
it's good to read frm u that tis food is up to expectations, cos it means it is consistent, since you are a walk-in customer.

ai wei said...

i am staying in cheras area. it took me about 15mins drive to serdang. serdang is such a food paradise and there are more to be explored :) the black fried rice is surprisingly good :)

well, it's fusion. new modern type cuisine :) they can do whatever they want or even mix and match the cuisines

bring along ur loved ones there. you will be wowed by the environment around :)

yes, glad that they do things well :) do hope they will keep up the standard :)

Book worm said...

I really liked Pla dib. I am sorry it closed. Probably not enough promotion and at the end of the block. People congregated at Riverside in the middle. I did not understand why this restaurant did not engage in more promotion of its fine foods and facilities.

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