Thursday, July 01, 2010

My Beauty Cottage @ SohoKL


I love my beautiful afternoon.
Sipping my cup of organic Tea while swaying to the rhythm of music.


Here was I in My Beauty Cottage @ Soho KL - full with English Cottage atmosphere where you could hardly think that is actually a beauty house.




Eminence from Hungary. Since 1958


Once I stepped in, I was welcomed by Grace and Cindy; the person in charge of My Beauty Cottage. After some questioning and examination on my skin and the history about the Eminence skin care, I was served with a cup of 100% purely organic Sugar Plum & Spice Tea.

Source: Eminence

Sugar Plum and Spice Tea - enriched with vitamin C rich plums, rosehip, black currant, red currant and almond. You will love the intense flavour of the tea. Just a small tiny scoop, it turns the warm colourless water into ruby red. Tasted sourish, fragrant and soothing.

The tea and the products used are from Eminence organic skincare which has been established since 1958. Eminence is the member of the organic trade association. Their skincare products are wholly handmade organically and gained certification from Demeter International, BioKontroll, USDA-Oregon Tilt and USDA-ASCO. Eminence organic skincare also gains International Award and Hollywood superstars supports!

My Beauty Cottage - the one and only authorized distributor on Eminence Handmade Organic products in Malaysia.


To be continued: I was prepared to be pampered......

My Beauty Cottage
K-1-3, SohoKL @ Solaris Mon't Kiara,
No. 2, Jalan Solaris,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
(same floor as Tenji)

Mobile: 016-2630322
Tel/Fax: 03-62049322
Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat: 11am - 8pm
Sun: 11am - 7pm


Zenghoong said...

Nice review. Beautiful pictures :)

Ken Wooi said...

looks SO comfy! =)

v!vi@n said...

this place is so pretty and nice and comfy...i LIKE IT!!!!

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow! Very nice leh the place....girls sure like to hang out there :D

Anonymous said...

this is a good place to wind down ourselves from the hectic life.=] hope to visit too!

ai wei said...

thanks :)

extremely lovely and comfy.

i love the place like this too! and am sure every girls will love it

agree :)
girls definitely will heart this place a lot ^^

lol, never forget to bring your mum to pamper a facial or a spa here!

Anonymous said...

lovely, I love the deco so much....nice tea, great ambiance...superb!!!

Ciki said...

your hair has grown so long! looks nice :) enjoy ur tea and pampering LOL

ck lam said...

Such a cozy and homely feeling...nice place.

cariso said...

Seriously,I would love my home to be docorated so, if given chance. :)

Francis said...

woah i wan i wan...need to feed my skin ;)

Sugar Bean said...

The place look so nice, bring me there next time! And your outfit looks nice. Hehe! Waiting for your second part of the story. =)

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