Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sanuki Udon @ Taman Bukit Desa

It was a heavy downpour last Friday. I love downpours but not the massive traffic jam after the downpour. We planned for early dinner but in the end, a late one as kampungboycitygal and Chris&Christine were stuck in jam for wheeee hours.

It is now a WOW topic to talk about - Sanuki Udon. After reading from masak-masak and a whiff of lemongrass, i decided to have a try on the udon with the best-ies.


Sanuki Udon, located at this quiet neightbourhood is owned by Seiji Fukimoto-san and he makes his sanuki udon daily.


Kakiage Udon with Wakame & Egg (RM 9)


Kakiage Udon with egg & Ebi Tempura (RM 10)

The soupy broth was made of dashi; it was light but very flavoursome.


Curry Udon with egg & ebi Tempura (RM 10)


Curry Udon with Egg (RM 8)


The noodles come in different length and width. It is super springy with the QQ texture

The curry udon was very fragrant. I just can't wait to have the udon once it was served on our table. the curry was well done with cooked potatos, carrot and chicken cubes.


Dry 'cha cheong' style udon with egg (RM 7)

Kampungboy said it was very 'Taiwanese'.


Our side dish: Karaage (RM 3) - the flavourful, crispy fried chicken.


Sanuki Udon serves yakitori too after 5.30pm. The above is Shiitake yakitori (RM 2 per stick)


Momo (leg meat) yakitori (RM 3 per stick) and kawa (skin) yakitori (Rm 2 per stick). We love these smokey skewes! how great if there was a glass of cold beer :P


Green tea (RM 1) each.

Restaurant Sanuki Udon
9, Jalan Bukit Desa 5,
Taman Bukit Desa,
Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
(close on Mondays)

Tel: 012-2418131 (Seiji Fukimoto)

More review:


uLi.佑莉 said...

Aiyo...Jap food again...2 post in a day about Jap food and I long time didn't had it le >.<

choi yen said...

Just read this from kampungboycitygal, the prices are very cheap hor.... By the way, the green tea look like beer, haha :P

xin said...

the food looks good and the price so affordable!!! even green tea @rm1 also hard to find alrady

iamthewitch said...

You're making me crave for Jap food girl!!! :P

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I like the udon here. Feels like simple homecooked food (if I were Japanese la hahaha).

*Small~Boar* said...

wow, the price is very very reasonable... i wannnnnnn!

foodbin said...

the food looks good.

Jialing said...

Wow! The price is cheap for Jap food.

ai wei said...

hehe, go and satisfy ur crave :)

it's really cheap!!! i dun think we can get something like this at a cheap price.

yes, the udon here is really delicious. and priced cheaply :)

hehe, time to satisfy ur crave lar ^^

ai wei said...

lyrical lemongrass,
the udon is simply fresh and springy. love it! thanks for the great find meena :)

small boar,
yeppp, it priced reasonably. must try!

yeppp ^^

yes it is :)

Chris said...

i like the entrance of this shop.. Look nice..

ann low said...

Hi Ai Wei, These Japanese food really irresistible. Will come back for more food.
Thanks for visiting to my site.

squall said...

oh...is near to my house...so i have a new place for dinner alr..

daphne said...

hahaa.. Came here from brought up to share. I can not get enough of jap food. Envious u malaysians having a good variety of it.

Rebecca Saw said...

yup..really fresh and good til unkaleong wanted to ta pau 1 whole kg! Hehe..

Ninehitz said...

Hi.. Wah..How many of you? Ordered many different type of Udon..Looks good!

PF said...

price is so attractive for a Jap restaurant!

Simon Seow said...

Wow. I don't like udon but the way they cook the udon I sure can go for a try. Quite affordable too the price.

J2Kfm said...

Fresh udon, cheap udon. Great combination.

rental mobil di surabaya said...

This is the most delicious looking meal I have seen in a LONG time. I am *so* making this.

Anonymous said...

Sure you guys will like the food and services, for sure, the prices too. : )

Marufuku Udon said...

Your should check out Marufuku (http://bit.ly/marufuku)@ Jaya One as well.

Ean said...

It open at lunch time?

ai wei said...

hi ean,
yes, it opens during lunch house but i am not really sure do they have rest in between. :)

why not take a call to mr seiji for more details?

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