Thursday, June 18, 2009

ShenZhen09 Day 2 Brunch: 湘鄂情

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I am supposed to have dim sum for my very first meal on the very first day. Sadly, while we arrived at the place 西湖春天 and find that they were closed down. They were doing a very good business previously. We guessed it might be dealing with the property problems or the management of the building or something. Too shocked with no more 西湖春天, we changed our mind to a restaurant nearby, 湘鄂情 Xiang-E-Qing.

湘 Xiang resembling 湖南 Hunan, a province of China. In short, Hunan is called as Xiang after the Xiang River that runs through it. Hence, Hunanese cuisine is also called as 湘菜 Xiang Cai.
As for 鄂 E, it is representing 湖北 Hubei.

We were here in湘鄂情 Xiang-E-Qing for their Hunan Hubei cuisine 湖南湖北菜. A revisit for me as I was here before in my previous trip.

煲仔娃娃菜 is one of their best selling. The stir-fried Chinese cabbage present in the warm claypot to keep the dish warm at all time. It was really appetizing with the additional black vinegar for the hint of tangy taste and the added chilies for its little spiciness.

海带排骨汤 Double Boiled Seaweed and Pork Ribs Soup.

Hmmm, how shall I describe this?! --- 老火汤. The soup was double boiled up to wheee hours until the ribs were crack easily into pieces. Besides that, the seaweeds were extremely soft and melted right between your tongue and hard palate.

半打手卷 were super soft and fluffy.

干煸四季豆 was best compatible with the 手卷 or a bowl of rice as it was on the salty side.

I can’t remember the exact name for this. It was smoked fish (香薰鱼) or something. It came in 6 big pieces of fish where the fish were deep fried and seasoned and smoked. The fish together with its bones were crispy, crunchy and very yummy-licious.

Something embarrass happened. While I was having the crispy fish, I accidentally swallowed a tiny bone and it got stuck in the throat. Guess I had brought a mess to the waitress. She kept serving me bowls of dark vinegar and white rice in order to drain off the tiny bone. In the end, I had 2 or 3 bowls of vinegar in my stomach. >__<

福田区福强路3004号中港城5楼(opposite of 益田村)

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~Christine~Leng said...

all these chinese food made me so hungry... since I shifted and sold the cooking utensils, we've been having ENGLISH food most of the time. haha.. the dumplings look fluffy!

ai wei said...

haha, so fast sold all cooking utensils? nevermind lar, bear up a while, i am sure u can have chinese food everyday as soon as u finish ur holiday and come back to KL. waiting for u ya~

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

The 半打手卷 look so beautiful, their skill is super..
All dishes look really yummy and delicious, I wish I can a bite on those.

Sugar Bean said...

Hahaha, funny la you!! Why so careless to swallow the bone? And the waitress is so nice to give you the vinegar. Bad la me, laugh at you.

Oh, so this is the place that you visit after the restaurant that you wanna visit closed. Looks good also, the 手卷 looks so delicious.

minchow said...

The fish looks so darn good!! I could have about SIX for breakfast right now!!

ai wei said...

emile zola@ life,
the bun are pretty right? i love it too. was pretty amazed by their skills

sugar bean,
bad lar u, laugh at me. sobzzz...
it was an accident. honestly speaking, the fish selling in china full with tiny tiny bones. unlike those in msia! u try it then u will know. u can get frustrated in eating fish!!!
dun laugh at me >__<

550ml jar of faith,
the fish were great! i love it a lot. but too bad with the incident i had. it spoilt my mood for having fish after that. still, i manage to finish all.
:P Yum~

HairyBerry said...

ai wei, you din go jalan-jalan around shenzhen? got some interesting places, right? like the windows of the world. or maybe that's your next post? :D

ai wei said...

nic (khkl),
got, i went jalan jalan everywhere. hmmm, bout the window of the world, i went once 9 years ago. also zoo and some other places. went once enough lar... this time, i had a one day trip in a new place...

then i did shopping and food lorrr

若水 said...

Seems like a food trip to Shen Zhen. I'm sure you have gained some weight:)

J2Kfm said...

oh dear. what a scene that is!
never knew vinegar can dissolve fish bones?!!

cariso said...

Wow! I am dying for that 海带排骨汤 Double Boiled Seaweed and Pork Ribs Soup! It's so nice to serve it in the claypot!

ai wei said...

weight is something i have to put away now. but i find myself din put up weight during my trip becz i have to walk walk and walk everyday. unlike now, i dont get to walk in kl.

the rice bolus doesn't work. so, i used vinegar lor. erm... it wont dissolve the bone as well. haha

ya, soup in china often serve in big claypot. those claypots are really huge too! me and sis both had big pot of soup.

Ciki said...

neat blog you've got here! Thanks for stopping by my blog too:)

Jason said...

Err... I guess the vinegar must be pretty strong to dissolve the bone. Luckily it wasn't a big mess.

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