Saturday, April 29, 2006


Thanks to my clumsiness
Thanks to my brain
Thanks to my mind
Thanks to my nervous
Thanks to my last minute stomach ache
Thanks to my ear

Well, thanks to everything

And I have boomed up my paper
I really can’t believe that
Before this
I was well prepared
Ended up
…… died on the spot

Why is this happened?
I really hate myself
I couldn’t catch up with the listening
I didn’t have enough time for reading
I didn’t know what I have written in my writing
I didn’t know what I have talked during speaking
I was talking nonsense
I was writing irrelevant things
I couldn’t get the answer from the tape

Ended up

And ended up
I loitered alone in KLCC for 3 hours
before i caught a bus ride home


Anonymous said...

Hey, take it is always full with toughness..juz try ur best and u'll b fine =)

Sky.Live said...

failure and success is part of your life. face it and grown up

you cant be considered grown up without any of them

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