Sunday, May 08, 2011

Char Kuey Teow @ O&S Coffee Shop, Paramount Garden, PJ


If you asked me, where is my favourite place for Char Kuey Teow?!
Well, my answer will be - in PJ, inside one of the Kopitiam-s -  O&S Coffee Shop



It was quite addictive, fragrant CKT with lots of ingredients inside; and leave you non greasy and non oily feeling to your tummy.


The other thing i love is this Penang style Chee Cheong Fun dressed with Har Kou (prawn paste) dark sauce and chilli sauce, garnished with sesame seeds and fried shallots. It was like eating CCF with rojak sauce


I made the CCF into 2 plates (RM 5) - one with the Har Kou and sauces as above and the other one with curry. The Curry version came with 3 big pieces of chicken. 

Oh, never forget to try out the prawn mee over here. They are pretty good too!

And so, where is your favourite Char Kuey Teow's place???

O & S Coffee Shop
39, Jalan 20/14,
Paramount Gardens, 
46300 Petaling Jaya.


沉默天使 said...

My mother told me, the food vendors there are mostly from Penang, that's why it shouldn't surprise to eat the original taste of Penang Chee Cheong Fun, Chaw Kuew Teow, Asam Laksa, Curry Noodle & Prawn Mee.

Steve said...

I have lived in Penang for the past 9 months and have loved all the hawker food I have tried.

Will I be disappointed eating outside of Penang?

Anonymous said...

My favourite CKT would be the one in Chan Sow Lin, KL.

It's kinda hard to find the stall thou,

Haha.. The CKT you have in your post looks good too :D

foodbin said...

for me this is the best coffee shop in the whole of PJ.
My fav CKT stall is in Restoran OK, SS2.

choi yen said...

Me still can't get the BEST CKT, maybe i should try this :)

oLive said...

i like de laksa there

Anonymous said...

Assam laksa with curry kuah & chicken rice r also very nice.. Next time I should try CKT

Chong said...

It's been really a long time since my last visit to this coffeeshop. Never thought of trying the CKT whenever I'm there. I'd usually go for the Hokkien Mee (Prawn Mee) and Chee Cheong Fun.

Ciki said...

best har mien here too! woo-hoo;)

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