Monday, December 14, 2009

Jarrod & Rawlins @ Damansara Heights

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On this cozy afternoon, I had a great late lunch with the fellow food lovers – Kampungboycitygal, Chris & Christine, fatboybakes and theNomadgourmand; together with Elaine, the PR from GreyTwo sat together at Jarrod & Rawlins. A big Thankie to Elaine for this lovely invitation. *^^*


Jarrod & Rawlins, the purveyors of fine food and wine; not only serves main courses but also hearty breakfast and lunchtime sandwiches. If you are too busy to sit down for lunch, you can always have their J&R take away sandwich special too. View here for more INFO.


We had our lunch at Damansara Heights outlet. Besides this outlet, you can always opt to have meals at other outlets which include Ampwalk, Capsquare and Desa Sri Hartamas.




Smoked Duck Salad (RM26) – lots of greens with red cutie tomatoes and juicy smoked duck slices tossed in their special sauce and finally garnished with fragrant crunchy pine nuts.


Calamari Salad (RM18) had my attention. The springy calamari(s) prepared in a hint of spiciness are simply irresistible.


Smoked Salmon & Avocado Panini (RM24) – lots of smoked salmon slices and avocado are sandwiched in between the bread. However, the bread was something that I don’t fancy as it was tad dry.


Salami, Serrano Ham, lettuce & tomato Ciabatta - sandwiched in between are the thin slices of salami and Serrano ham. I love every bite of this. This whole is a great combination. The bread was soft and moist and well compatible with the slightly salty Salami, Serrano Ham.


The above 4 are Custom-made. J&R(s) give you the freedom to customize your very own sandwiches and salad. Feel free to ask your server for the Make-Your-Own-Salad and Sandwiches menu.


Roast Pork (Siew Yoke) (Priced by weight at Deli counter**) – hohoho… I had Siew Yoke in a western restaurant ^^


Organic Chicken Liver Paté is made with sherry & cognac (RM19.50). Yes, you hear me, it is made with ORGANIC Chicken Liver! That was my first experience on Pate, so I have no idea what’s the difference between the organic and inorganic Pate. But once I heard it is Organic, the word ‘Healthy’ just popped up in my mind


Main courses:


Pork Cumberland & Dynamite Sausage is served with mashed potato & gravy (Priced by weight at Deli counter**). I love every bites of the Pork Cumberland (the lovely curled up sausage) while Dynamite sausage was the very hot and explosive one. And, it was too hot for me.


Alaskan Seabass served with side salad (RM16 /100 grams**) was juicy and you can feel every mouthful was the Omega-3 fats.


Serrano Ham & Bacon Pasta with Dried Chili & Olive Oil (RM32) has nothing to complain about. I love the sourish of this pasta.


Hickory Baby-Back Ribs (RM12 /100 grams**) were truly our loves. The ribs were tender and well-marinated. Can I have more, please???


The serving of this T-bone steak was very huge and we were not able to finish it. Sorry to tell you all that it has been removed from the menu.


Note: **Jarrod & Rawlins charges just RM12 for cooking service, sauce & side dish.



Assorted Cheese Platter (Select at Deli counter). We get to sample the cheese - smoked cheese and blue cheese. The pungent blue cheese had my attention. It tastes a bit sharp and salty.


Last but not least, desserts!!! How can we end a meal without some sweet stuff?!


Cheese & Chocolate Cake (RM14.50 /slice)


Death by Chocolate (RM14.50 /slice)

Just Heavenly Pleasures’ cakes are available at J&R outlets!


Jarrod & Rawlins

Damansara Heights
No. 6, Lorong Dungun
Damansara Heights
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2093 0708
Fax: +603 2095 3221

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phooifun said...

my saliva is dripping looking at it...

Hazza said...

Wow - so many dishes! Hope you did not have them all on your own!

Unknown said...

just done mine :) haha

ai wei said...

phooi fun,
very very very very yummyyyy

haha, how can i finish them all by my own? we are all sharing :)

i took a lot of itme for this post. and blogspot seems weird lar... the font run away!!! argggh!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

All dishes look so yummy, will try this out in one day.

superwilson said...

one my fav local restaurant for sausages... awesome!

ai wei said...

the food are good here. worth a try :)

the sausages are superb! so do their salad, esp the smoked duck salad

xin said...

how did the chicken liver jam taste like?

choi yen said...

the smoke duck look so rare, does it taste "bloody"?

ai wei said...

hmmm, i dunno how to describe. for me, i can't take too much of it. but it is done good. :)

oh... nono, it has no bloody taste. it is smoked and taste a little salty. have a try :)

tracieMoo said...

wow.. there must be quite a number of you to have ordered this much. Everything here looks tempting especially the siew yuk.. yum yum..

Chris said...

Wow! Such a nice restaurant!! I wish to go too...

Selba said...


The assorted cheese look so good!

wanah said...

damn...the cheese chocolate cake is so nice..

ai wei said...

there were only ... hmmm, 10 of us i guess :)

this is a nice place. have a visit when u are free :)
i am sure you will have a great time here too :)

the cheese are great!!! i can't get off the blue cheese from my mind now.

hehehe, have a try too. it's from just heavenly pleasure :)

Simon Seow said...

Too bad I'm broke already from my Hong Kong trip. Next time save some dynamite sausage for me lol.

ck lam said...

I like the spread of food that you had...yummy.

Jean said...

wow..totally how many person go for that meal ah?
Ordered so many!!!

worldwindows said...

The food looks fabulous. I like the seabass and baby back ribs.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I've never heard of this outlet before....unfortunately I've had american food for the past few weeks, so this has wait for another time....

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