Friday, May 09, 2008

Rootian Seafood Restaurant @ Langkawi Town

Day 1 - 30 Dec 08 (Night)

After the short walk at the beach, we hold tight on our schedule and paid a visit to Langkawi’s Cable Car.

The cable car ride is priced at Rm 15 for those who hold while Rm 25 for those who are not.

Up we went~

Up up up, and we finally saw the sea.

Next destination --- we headed up to the second stop where it connected to the bridge. What a magnificent structure, isn’t it?!

At the bridge

Happy family~

At the cable car centre where tickets are sold, there are some striking buildings around and there is the beautifully planned garden.

We saw Dang Wangi too. Hoho ~


We headed to the Kuah Town for dinner. After surveying, we finally settled ourselves at Rootian Seafood Restaurant.

We left the food ordering task to ah dred. Let’s see what he came up with.

Firstly we had the Seaweed Fish Ball Soup 紫菜鱼丸汤 which consisted of lots of fish balls and a handful of seaweed. That was the fish ball soup that you definitely can prepare by yourself at home.

As for vegetables, we had stir fried kai lan 清炒芥兰 which was full with wok hei. Not bad not bad.

Also tit ban tofu 铁板豆腐 which was very good and flavorful. (Sorry for the blur photos. My friends just couldn’t wait to fork their food and I had to capture photos fast).

We also had pork ribs 妈蜜骨 which tasted good, tender and juicy and the serving for each dishes were quite large.

Finally was the fish we ordered. Fresh Steamed sek ban 清蒸石斑鱼. It was very large, incredibly large. When it was served, there were the ‘oh-oh… this is so not good’ signal in our mind. It might cost us a fortune for this meal (honestly, we were lil’ tight on our budget). The fish was fresh and its meat was tender. Fresh fish was best done by simple steam with chopped spring onions, sliced ginger, soya sauce… this was really good and my friends even jilat the fish bone.

Told ya it was really not a good sign with this big fresh fish. When the bill came…

清蒸石斑鱼 Rm 90
铁板豆腐 Rm 22
紫菜鱼丸汤 Rm 30
清炒芥兰 Rm 14
妈蜜骨 Rm 40

Total Rm 210!!!

Gosh… just for the 9 of us (as one of our friends had his own packed stuff) but the food here tasted good.

It was really costly to dine in Langkawi, Anywhere in this island. This bill made our heart sore. Some even *&%^$# in their hearts. What could we do?! Next time better ask for the price before ordering the meals.

Our targets --- watching tight in next coming meals. *&^%$@*


HairyBerry said...

haha...aiyah, tourist area sure expensive one...wah, luckily the food was good..if not, sure you all will %$^$#%^& even more, hor? haha!

Anonymous said...

Whoa that fish is scary! It has TEETH and everything - I wouldn't have known where to start eating it, I'd be scared it would bite back!

Sharon Y. said...

Twice I missed out on the cable car due to bad weather. In Kuah town, the food is kinda expensive. Ended up always eat at a local kopitiam and save the money to buy good chocolate ;D

ai wei said...

nic (khkl),
true also. if the food not nice, my friends will &^%$# more! haha

of course start eating from its cheek! that's the best place ^^

where are those local kopitiam? we wished to have our meals in thsoe kopitiam but couldn't find one.
langkawi is a choco heaven. i tried hard to save a small fortune for chocs but still, the food in langkawi is all expansive!!!

Sugar Bean said...

Aww, so lucky of you to take the cable car ride! We went there 2 days and waited there but still couldn't take it due to bad weather and technical problems! Anyway, the food looks good, glad you had a great meal.

Sharon Y. said...

I forgot the name of the corner kopitiam but it's within Kuah town where there are many shops selling choco and liquor. Across the street is a huge chocolate shop painted in blue

~Christine~Leng said...

will kind of expect that the pricing here will not be cheap ;P
and what a nice ride!!
So long I didn't get to ride cable car dy! ;P

joshuaongys said...

ahh langkawi trip.. cool!!! and the food pics looks nice =) *drools* hmmm muz find one chance go to langkawi.. no money... sob.. aha

ai wei said...

sugar bean,
guess we were just lucky. but the weather was extreme.
once we got in the car = cool,
and out of the car = sweat and warm.
imagine, it was so uncomfy after the sweat-cool-sweat-cool process!

aiks aiks. nice food over there?!

hehehe, i though u always go to genting?! maybe can take a chance to have their cable car ride?

me also saved up for quite some times before the trip. so, you must 'add-oil' in saving. i am now saving for somewhere next but there is still long long way to go!!!

Anonymous said...

langkawi food sure is more every time visit langkawi my friend sure won't allow we eat outside...her mom will cook for us...

choi yen said...

i also no chance go for the cable car ride on my last visit due to bad weather :(

古墓街第7号當鋪 said...

it seems that alot changes
in Langkawi itself.
The 清蒸石斑鱼 (Rm 90)
abit expensive to me...

kyo said...

which job r u in? seems like everytime also can go vacation one!!! i also wan!!! hahahaa!

ai wei said...

how lucky you are! that's really great to have friends staying in different places. we can save up a lot when visit to their places.

no worries, i am sure the weather would be great the next time you visit to langkawi.

that fish was really very expansive for us! >_<

did i everytime going on vacation?! not really ler... i also wish i could go for vacation every half a year! haha.
em, i am still a student. only can visit places during holidays.

Simon Seow said...

Beer there is not costly.

ai wei said...

simon seow,
ya, that's right, only liquor/beer and chocolate are not expansive!

Phooi Fun said...

Yo, nice trip!! nice place!!! aiyo... i hav nvr been to langkawi!!! must find chance to visit that place soon... haha

Unknown said...

where is this located?

ai wei said...

hi federick, this is located in the town of Langkawi... the few rows of shop selling goods

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