Sunday, March 02, 2008

O’Briens Sandwich Bar & Café @ KLCC

Wen Ching and I had a crazy shopping on the second day of CNY. Seriously, not all complexes were opened for business on CNY holiday but we tracked down and found that most shops in KLCC were on for business. Shop shop shop and shop non-stop for 4 hours until 8pm.

Stomach growled and it was time for dinner. What were we going to have for dinner? As it was already 8pm, we thought of having not-too-heavy-meal. We stood in front of the information board for 15 minutes to decide on what to eat… 15 minutes! Not a short time to make a decision. We tried eliminate those which were ‘incompatible’ to our ‘not-too-heavy-meal’ till I said, Let’s O’Briens!

This is the bright looking clean café with healthy image that caught our attention. We just knew this won’t disappoint us. O’Briens Sandwich Bar & Café is located at the Ampang Mall in KLCC on the Isetan side.

I had the Frothy Hot Chocolate which came in so frothily and foamy sprinkled with amount of cocoa powder and 2 marshmallows. I love this hot chocolate-riched drink with the melted marshmallows that comforted my empty stomach.

Wen Ching had the Iced Chocolate drink it was very chocolaty riched too but it was slightly sweeten to my liking.

We had our mains shared. As she had a cold drink, she came out with an idea of cold + hot combination, so she ordered the Chicken, Chicken Crisp and Cheddar Hot Wrappo. There were countless ingredients rolled in the piece of whole meal wrapper. It served warm and tasted really good. The chicken crisp (if you can see it, it was in Maroon) was very crispy and … special (for me and her).

As for me, I ordered the Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese on Whole meal. It came with smoked salmon, thick spread of cream cheese, mixed leaves (vege), cucumber, and zest squeeze of lemon juiced sandwiched in between whole meal bread slices. By the way, both wrappo and sandwiches were served with Chips which was baked and very original in taste!!!

I can’t believe we were really stuffed up. Each of us had half of the wrappo and a quarter of the Whole meal sandwiches. The left over?! I took away and had them as breakfast next morning. See?! Who says you can’t full up your stomach with just bread or sandwiches as dinner?! Or maybe we are ‘small-eater’ (ho-haha, I don’t think so)?! A revisit is a definite for me. Their healthy concept and serve nourishing greenish healthy meal impressed me a lot! ~

O’Briens Sandwich Bar & Café
Ampang Mall (KC2)

Tel; 03-21669288


ekeng said...

i love O'Briens Sandwich..Always healthy and delicious :)

Anonymous said...

omg...O'Briens....i luv their sandwich!!!

Anonymous said...

O'Brien's still serves some of the best sandwiches. I like their stuff.

Anonymous said...

usually take over for lunch whenever i feel fat from yesterday's it to every bits

~Christine~Leng said...

I love having a cuppa hot choc!
the sandwiches looks good. Wholemeal for me will do just fine!
whoa gal... what have you shopped? ;P

HairyBerry said...

smoked salmon and cream cheese...a perfect match! wah, if only there was a cup of hot english tea, it'll be even more perfect...*dreaming away*...

daphne said...

O'Briens are in malaysia now? Nice!

Big Boys Oven said...

I opve o'brain sandwhiches when I was in scotland 10years ago! so much much better lol!

Sugar Bean said...

Hehe, finally posted on our crazy shopping trip to KLCC! Yeah, it was a really delicious meal that I had! So happy to spend time with you!! Remember we shopped til the shops closed? And we finally bought what we want! Muahahahahaha! I like that feeling so much! Haha! Sot liao.

ai wei said...

ekeng & squall,
yep! same here. i love their healthy idea!

lyrical lemongrass,
i love their healthy and yummy sandwiches. they have a lot variety i would love to try out too! any recommendation?

haha, have the same thinking as you are. and this is light and healthy and can keep you full up with energy too! plus NO fats

yum-yum, i miss the frothy hot choco now. feel like having it again! hehehe, shopped for only a skirt ar... but nothing else.

nic (khkl),
lol, they do serve english tea, i guess. and other beverages too! feel like having it again. smoked salmon and cream cheese are a great combination!

daphne & big boys oven,
*wink* and i am so in love with O'Briens now. bread is one of my fave!~

wenching & esiong,
hehehehe, yea, i remember we shopped crazily till all the shops closed. it was a great tme to hang out with you. as always.
kekeke, when can we do it again?! it's carnival sales again. i wanna shop again!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the crispy turkey bits r normally the shiok shiok part of the sandwich..but i usually try to make my own..after all its not cheap!

New Kid on the Blog said...

Hmmm, have not try O'Briens.

Simon Seow said...

I only tried it once in The Curve. I think I prefer Subway.

Anonymous said...

Have not tried O'Briens too... *malu*

wmw said...

Lovely sandwiches here....I should have it more often.

Anonymous said...

Hey that is an Irish bar! Great photos.

Alex's World! -

ling239 said...

the wholemeal Wrappo is delicious... ^_^

ai wei said...

ar??? how 'd u make the crispy turkey? i find myself loving the crunchy crispy chicken

new kid on the blog & jason,
hehe, shall try it someday? it's not a bad choice for meal or for lunch.

simon seow,
i have not try out subway! aiks... can't compare the both.

yeh, me too! i just can't live without bread! shall visit here often too! hehehe

thanks thanks. juz trying my luck with the photos. haha

that wrappo was really good. lots of yummy ingredients wrapped within the wrappo ^^ love it

s.kuan said...

ooo i love obriens! its quite pricy for sandwiches but its totally worth it lor. i always order the triple decker with smoke turkey strip. yummy! the tuna salad not bad also

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