Friday, February 15, 2008

Lok, Eat & Farewell

February seems to be the month of everything. As Chinese, we have the 15 days of Chinese New Year (but only few days holiday. Sigh). For the love birds out there, you have Valentine’s Day, and also the Chinese Valentine’s Day which marked on the Day 15 of Chinese New Year (also Chap Goh Mei). Also, this is the month to farewell most my friends going to and back to Australia. I have bid farewell to Yen on Monday night and the other friend, Yee Meng from Surian gang.

As tradition, we would have farewell party to get-together before any of our friends leaving to further their studies in foreign country.

And this time, our friend’s parents were generously catered a Lok-Lok van to have a Lok-Lok dinner party in the house. Yes you see it. We could full up ourselves with unlimited of Lok-Loks. This time we had the Fatman Steamboat. It was very much different from my previous experience. There were more choices and wider range of food.

Here are some pictures which I could capture. aiks… sorry, I was busy feeding my stomach. But overall, the variety available was roughly the same as those appeared in my previous lok-lok experience.

Ap giok bao. That’s what the owner of this vendor told me.

Sticks of tako which were my favourite. The tako was well-seasoned in the very Japanese style and the size of each was big too!

Brown sotong

Fresh mussels

There were also fish balls, meat balls, and some other common ingredients. But I could say that, once you ‘Lok’, you can’t stop.

Here, A wide range of sauce. How would you like to have your food taste?! It’s Up to your choices!

Additional of a little of sesame oil, an adequate amount of satay kuah, sweet sauce boost up the taste! You can add in a little of chili sauce if you like spicy (that’s what I learnt from the vendors). Try it and these do create an aromatic and delicious Lok-Lok.

Yee Meng, farewell!

Aiks… once all my friends going back to Australia, there will be lesser kaki(s) here.


Jason said...

That's so nice of you guys to throw him such innovative farewell party.

ai wei said...

eh... no lar... the party was actually done by his parents. he invited us over for the dinner. our farewell with him, i will try updating soon. hehe

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Is he one of your makan gang?

~Christine~Leng said...

wah... another catered lok lok vendor!
how thoughful! :)

Simon Seow said...

I remember Christine also catered a Lok Lok during her birtday party right?

yammylicious said...

aiwei.. i hell sick now! my tongue get numb!! taste nothing! but u make mii darn craving for lok lok!! sob!

wmw said...

I love to eat at such stalls...but never tried a catered one. I blog about one that I went to in SS2, in front of the 7 Eleven.

Anonymous said...

Nice capture for remembrance. I remembered visiting this store before. Great food!

Alex's World! -

Big Boys Oven said...

Oh gosh this is so marvellous way to have a food party, something very new and yet so available! this is so cool!

HairyBerry said...

once you ‘Lok’, you can’t stop..haha! i like that line! nothing like a meal with a group of good friends, eh?

ling239 said...

similar to what Christine had for her birthday hor ? ^_^

Sugar Bean said...

Another lok lok party again? I really wanna eat lok lok but thinking about the hygiene problem again. But if sharing among friends, that would be great! You made me crave for lok lok!

choi yen said...

cater a lok lok is such a new hing for me! Quite long time have lok lok coz of hygiene problem... :P

bigfish_chin said...

Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!! I'm BACK!
Oh Gooossshh!!!
My eyes are like BLINK ~ BLINK ~ cannot stop!
I want the Ap Kiok Bao ler!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i heard alot abt all these catered ones..clean n no mess haha..just eat outside n then go back inside the house..

ai wei said...

hmm, i like your idea.

yep, he is part of my gang. ^v^

ya lorrr... lok lok catering seems to be more n more popular nowadays ya.

simon seow,
lol... that catering was actually not during christine's bday but one of our frens' birthday party!

craving for lok lok?! go to a nearest pasar malam. i bet there are a lot. hehehe

the one in pj SS2, are the food fresh and nice?! haven't actually Explore around SS2 o >.<

ai wei said...

alexander & nic (khkl),
it is always fun and enjoyable hanging out with friends.

big boys oven,
cool right?! maybe you can have your big party cater in the future too!

that was actually one of our frens' birthday party, not christine's party. haha!

wenching & esiong, mimi,
worry bout the hyfiene problem no more because we were sharing with friends!

happy happy CNY. chap goh mei is coming. any new festive recipe???
the 'Lok-Lok' were great!!! hehe

yeah lo. clean and no mess. dun have to tidy up after the party too. you can have urs cater too if u are having party!

ekeng said...

Hmmmppp..i hate Fatman Lok Lok...that day i ate a stick of prawn lok lok at Jalan Alor..they charge me RM8.00 per stick..I really angry and decide not going back again.

ai wei said...

ohoho... maybe cater stuff is much better?! dun opt for such a high price food lar...

Unknown said...

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