Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Simple Xmas ~

For some reason I like about year end:-

We have holidays
There are Xmas and New Year celebration…
There are eves’ night that we could do some count down with the crowds…
There is lots of party to attend
There is the coming of the New Year…
My day coming soon…
CNY coming soon…
And lots and lots of upcoming events!!!

So, on the Xmas day itself, I have baked some cuties for my family. They were the cuppies. I used the butter cake recipe to have the cake base made.

Only plain cuppies? No-no, when come to decoration, I have them coated with lightly sweeten cream cheese on top. But I could only manage to top 3 cuppies with the sweeten cream cheese (as the cream cheese was the left over I could get in my fridge).

As for others, I have them sprinkled with decoration snow icing. The best part of this snow icing is that they don’t melt.

Ta-da… that was so Christmas-y season!

Ah… it’s New Year now. Happy New Year once again! ~


ekeng said...

Awww...cute cupcakes u baked..Can i have one? hehehe :)

wmw said... bake too! Please feel free to ask for our help if you need people to taste for you :o)

Christina Kim said...

Hehe...Happy New Year Ai Wei!!:D
I love year end and the beginning of the year too:D

My guess is you're a January baby; is it not?? Me too!!!:D
January babies rock!!:D

Celine said...

Happy New Year! Nice little cupcakes.
By the way, you haven't come and claim your award from my blog yet, faster!

MeiyeN said...

Happy New Year to you, babe! very well done, sweet looking cupcakes =)

MeiyeN said...

Happy New Year to you, babe! very well done, sweet looking cupcakes =)

Christina Kim said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (today) to Ai Wei!!
May all your wishes come true and BE HAPPY!!!:D

Muacks and BIG BIG Hug!!!:D

yammylicious said...

u good in baking cupcakes too ya/?!
aww wan some!

Jun said...

ur day? are u a jan baby??? :D

~Christine~Leng said...

Happy Birthday to you dear!! :)
and what cute little cupcakes! ;) Can't wait to try them :) Next time? haha.

Muacks :*
I'll treat you some cakes tonight :) How I wish I could bake those ;P Oops.. can only buy ;P

Jason said...

Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true this year and pass your exam with flying colours.

ekeng said...

Happy Birthday to you...May all your wishes come true.

ai wei said...

u really wan to taste that? i m not good in baking... will let u have some... somedays... in the future. haha

thanks for the bday wishes!

lol, i dare not ar... later u guys look for washroom then i cham >.<
see how lar... only if i m skillful enough. wahaha

happy new year! and thanks u for the wishes!!! Muacksss

happy new year too! thanks a lot. just try a hand on these. ^^

thanks and happy new year to you. i was wonderinghow could i claim the award ar?!

*pai seh* >.< i am not good in baking. just try a hand on that only.

hehehe, yes I m born in Jan ^___^

thanks dear, thanks thanks thanks for the wonderful dinner with me and i love them. love the present u guys prepare! thanks for everything! Muacksss

thanks for the wishes! thanks you very muchie ^___^

Sugar Bean said...

Happy New Year!!

Happy Birthday to you!! So many celebrations. Must stay healthy and happy always. Wish you all the best in this year! Cheers to our friendship!!

Baking again? Looks so delicious!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! The cupcakes are so pretty ^_^ Is the snow icing some kind of special icing for this purpose? I used regular icing for my Christmas cake and it dissolved completely :(

New Kid on the Blog said...

Happy New Year... you did it so beautiful....

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