Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shogun, One Utama

Sorry, fang, for posting up this late. erm, hope you don’t mind. K?!

4th of February is one of my best friends, Ting Fang’s birthday. 2 of us, Ching and me celebrated Fang’s birthday in Shogun, Japanese buffet restaurant in One Utama. We love to eat and shop and eat and talk and EAT.

We were leaded to Table number 7, lucky number for our Ting Fang

The compliment Cheesy oysters for each person served by the waiter.

Sashimi as appertizer

A variety of sushi

Look at this, look at the birthday gal, Ting Fang laughed happily and took her chopstick and said ‘itadakimasu’

Birthday gal and me

We made this, waffle topped with ice cream

Wen Ching and Ting Fang

Me and Wen Ching

Macha ice cream. It tasted real green tea flavour and bit bit bitter. Not sweet at all. Love it very muchie.

Desserts - omochi and cakes


Anonymous said... this for me?? (shy)

thanx wei!! let's go together again nex time!! ^^

miss ya both~~

ai wei said...

miss you a lot too!

i love the moments we (3 of us) hang out and dine together.

ching & fang & wei rock!


Anonymous said...

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