Friday, July 22, 2005

Sleepless night

Don’t know what happen to me tonight. I am not tired and not readily to get into bed yet.
By this time, I should have off my room’s light, get into the bed, put up the blanket, try to get a good sleep and be a sleeping beauty. Wonder what’s wrong with me lately, every nights, I can’t get a good night sleep. Every hour (if I am not mistaken), I will wake up from my sleep and hardly can get back to sleep again. As for the next day, you can see that there are dark, wide circles underneath my eyes. These cause my eyes shine-no-more.
I always ask myself, why every night I am sleepless
Sigh… Too bad, no one can answer me.

Tonight would be another sleepless night again. I’ve woke up very early this morning. I’ve done a lot of things today. Till now, I am not sleepy at all. OMG! Now the thing that I can do is playing Bejeweled from msn. Make my eyes tired so that I can sleep soon. I wonder where the sleeping pills are?! Don’t even know where my dad places them.

Well, today, I went to mid valley with Ching. I’ve got nothing to do. So, I asked her out to accompany me. Hehe. Well, we had out lunch in Kim Gary restaurant. I ordered a Hong Kong’s style fillet burger and a hot cup of almond tea while ching ordered a Shanghai’s style noodles and a cup of Chinese tea. Sigh… Every time when I dine in Kim Gary restaurant and the Almond tea, they sure will say ‘it’s not ready at a moment’ or ‘sorry, they are all sold out’. Why?! Why is this so?! Wondering they do not have this drink or what. If really don’t have this drink, then better don’t put it in the menu!!! Went to this restaurant 10 times, 10 times also don’t have the almond tea I want!!! I ended up having Hong Kong’s style ‘Ying Yong’. Really don’t know when can I have a chance to taste a sip of Almond tea again?!

Have the Feel of drinking it now. However, where can I get it in this late night?

Well, today, we just walked around, hang around and chat. Spent our time to do some window shopping and tried on all those shirts and pants and accessories that looked nice. I think we might have trouble the sales assistant. We just tried on every single piece without buying anything. Carnival sales will soon be here in just a day or two. Some of the shops already have pre-carnival sales. Sales, sales and sales every where. Too bad, I have no money at this moment. Well, I’d found something nice from some stores. Now my mind keeps on flashing the bangles and a shirt I tried on today. Sigh… I should have bought them so I won’t miss them so much! Hope that I won’t dream of them later. I will get back to the stores and get them soon!

My eyes still not tired at all. Want to sleep but can’t get into sleep. Suffering, right?!

I guess Bejeweled might help?!

Bejeweled, here I come!!!

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Wen Ching said...

haha, bejeweled had actually turned into ur sleeping pills. well, anyhow, dont take sleeping pills ok? if u cant sleep, can just talk to me or something, coz i usually sleep late.

yup, really nice hanging out with u. i guess that's y time passes by so fast. so we'll go out for cheese cake next time. secret recipe, here we come!! haha!!

dont think too much before u sleep. especially unhappy things... relax n u'll be able to fall asleep.

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